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Handmade Elegant Kitchen Essential Multi-purpose Tortilla Warmer

Handmade Elegant Kitchen Essential Multi-purpose Tortilla Warmer

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Featuring an exquisite blend of design and function in this Handmade Kitchen Essential Multi-purpose Tortilla Warmer. Its versatility goes beyond warming tortillas, as it can also be used to keep your potatoes and corn chips warmed to perfection. Handcrafted in Canada, this unique kitchen staple is made of 100 percent cotton materials, promising durability and long-lasting performance. Ideal for maintaining the right temperature for your food until it is time to serve, this warmer is a perfect addition to your kitchen essentials. Its delightful traditional design adds a dash of elegance to any kitchen ambiance. With this tortilla warmer, forget about the hassle of reheating your food, and savor every bite, warm and crispy, just the way you love it.

Made with 100% cotton fabric. Decorative quilt cotton exterior. Cotton Lining.  Cotton wrap and zap batting by Pellon.

Measures Approximately 9.5 x 9.5 Inches

Machine wash on cold.

Hang to dry.

Safe to iron.

Do not bleach.

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