Affiliate Marketing For Crafters, 10x10 Product Rules to Increase Revenue.

Affiliate Marketing For Crafters, 10x10 Product Rules to Increase Revenue.

Are you serious about your craft brand?  Do you want to work less AND earn more off each product.  Well let's be honest...who doesn't? 
Passive Income with Affiliate marketing is the way to go! It's hard and there are a lot of steps so I am going to break down how to get one product across 10 steps which you can 10 times in a matter of minutes.  Wait what?  That's super confusing isn't it?  Well...not really. Let's GO!

Step 1.

1. If you are not signed up to be an Affiliate Marketer don't worry.  This is where you can start to qualify.
a) What ever craft you are making, sewing, jewellery, Cricut crafts, leather work, etc. Purchase a tool or supply from a store that you want to be an Affiliate for. 
b) If you aren't sure who offers Affiliate Programs go to the online store you want to purchase from and scroll down to the bottom of their web page.  If they have an Affiliate program they likely have a link at the bottom of the page. Some to the effect of Join Us, Work with Us, Become an Affiliate. 
c) Make a note of the companies you want to work with.  DON"T APPLY YET!  This is the give before you ask stage of your Affiliate Application.
d) Purchase a product from their website that you would like to promote. For me I purchased a TRUESHARP2 Rotary Blade Sharpener from Sewing Machines Plus.  Home Stitchery Decor Recommened Rotary Blade
I am an Affiliate for them.  If you click on the highlighted text you will go direct to their store.  If you shop while you are there I will receive a commission because you entered their platform thru my link. Click here to buy a rotary blade sharpener.
How do you get links? Go back to the website you purchased your product from and scroll to the bottom of their page.  Where it says become an affiliate click there and follow along with their application process. Once you are accepted into an Affiliate Program or Affiliate Host Network ask to join the company you want to represent.  At this point your application will be reviewed and if you qualify you will be accepted and links will be provided to you.  I'll do a video on how to add them to your site but it's a copy paste, highlight text procedure.
e) Once you receive your items take a video of you unboxing it to showcase the product you are wanting to promote.  You can take a long video, or a short.  Shorts are under 1 minute and can be uploaded easily to Instagram Reels, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok.  You can take a long video and edit out 1 minute or less and save that as a different file to repurpose as well.  Long videos should be uploaded to your YouTube Channel.
Watch the Unboxing Video Here.  ← Click here

Step 2.

a) Photograph the product. Set the product up and take photographs in the following formats. 1x1, 4x3 and 16x9.  Set the product up with 10 different materials.  For instance I photographed my TRUESHARP2 with 10 different quilting fabrics.  It's a rotary blade sharpener. You can get yours here... TRUESHARP2
Home Stitchery Decor Recommends Rotary Blade SharpenerHome Stitchery Decor Recommends Rotary Blade SharpenerHome Stitchery Decor Recommends Rotary Blade SharpenerHome Stitchery Decor Recommended Rotary Blade SharpenerHome Stitchery Decor Recommended Rotary Blade Sharpener
b) Upload those pictures to your computer and use Canva to create Pins.  You can set up one template in Canva and easily change out the image and change the colors over and over to create a multitude of Pins and Featured Images you can size for every platform.  Save them all to one file for easy reference.  You can use my referral link to Canva ← Click here to use Canva. 
If you aren't sure how to use Canva go to YouTube and do you use Canva ← Click Here to use Canva.
c) You can also use my preferred platform TAILWIND. Sign up for Tailwind and create multiple media in formats for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc.  Easily design media with customizable templates, fonts and inter-changeable color palettes. Tailwind connects all your social media platforms and allows you to schedule your posts easily.  It also has quick click buttons for shopping and connect blogs to URL's.  Tailwind also Sync's with Google Analytics so you can track your traffic.  When you track your traffic you can see which designs are driving the most traffic and repeat them. I've just signed up for Tailwind and you can is my link ← click on this!  (hey Tailwind please accept this formal application...

Step 3.

a)Video the tool making something you already make in your craft business. For example.  I made a video of me cutting a strip of fabric with a rotary cutter, the rotary cutter has a blade and you guessed it I sharpen the blade with my TRUESHARP2 from Sewing Machines Plus.

Step 4.

a) Post your videos to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube Shorts.  IF you followed along you should have a short video under 1 min in length.  Each of these mentioned platforms has 1 min or shorter formats. Make them fun, use music!  I highly recommend Epidemic Sound, sign up for a subscription and never worry about copyright claims again. 
Here is my referral link to Epidemic Sound. ← Click here.

Step 5.

Make 10 products that you normally make in your craft business.  10 Necklaces, 10 Christmas Cards, 10 Tumblers b) Take 10 videos with 10 projects that you make where the tool is clearly displayed.
I make Rugs, Dishtowels, Soup Cozy's, Dish Mats, Boo-BooBags, Gift Bags, Pot Holders...etc.  I can easily repeat this process with each product.  You are going to make your products anyway. 
Use this opportunity to take 1 minute videos to promote the product again and take long videos of whatever you are making from start to finish.

Step 6. 

Photograph your completed projects with all the tools you used to create them.  A collage of sorts.  Upload the images to Canva - or my preferred Tailwind program and easily change the background colors and fonts for multiple images you can again post across all your platforms.

Step 7. 

Write a Blog - like this blog.  If you can talk about your work all day you can type about it.  It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be posted. 

Step 8. 

Pin that blog using the images you already created.  Create multiple boards for your business on Pinterest.  For example I have Farmhouse Rugs, DIY Rugs, Farmhouse Decor, Farmhouse Entryway and I can pin my blog over and over to multiple boards.  Either manually or scheduled pins with my newest favorite tool Tailwind. Tailwind will grab images from the URL in your blog.  Write the blog first then let the Tailwind Tool work for you!

Step 9. 

a) List the product for sale.  I personally use Shopify.  I wrote this blog on Shopify, I list my products on Shopify, I have my Shopify account linked to my Facebook and Pinterest Profiles.  You can shop my Shopify store direct from Instagram and I have just ordered the Shopify POS system so I can easily enter all my inventory on one platform and then sell it either in person or online.  The POS system will update my inventory. 

Step 10.

a) Document your success.  Pin all your pins, share your blogs and YouTube Videos everywhere.  Then check your commissions. 
b)Once you start driving a significant amount of traffic to the Affiliate Program write a proposal to the brand itself and ask if they will sponsor you!  You can earn way more money from brand partnerships then Affiliate Programs. 
So do your homework, do the steps, document the steps and all the tools you use and then approach the company.  Google that...seriously right now.  Google how do you approach a brand for collaborations.  There is a lot of information, templates, blogs etc you can read to set yourself up for a brand partnership. 
Now here's all the links I love that help me create my media. And you should know by now I use only the best! Try one out for yourself and rocket launch your own brand!
Tailwind - just waiting for a referral link because they are awesome!!!
I use Camtasia by Techsmith to Edit my videos.
Thumbnails created in Canva  ← Click here

Sounds by Epidemic Sounds ← Never get a copyright strike again.

Share a Sale Referral Link  ← Click here to sign up for Affiliate Programs

Photographs Edited in Adobe
Titles and SEO - SemRush and TubeBuddy

Disclaimer – Home Stitchery Decor uses Affiliate Links
As an Amazon Affiliate I earn commissions on qualifying purchases.
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