Soup Bowl Cozy Packaging

Soup Bowl Cozy Packaging

Soup Bowl Cozy Packaging

Small business is hard, let's speed things up for you with actual products I use to create my packaging!  NO BS just the steps.

Ok #1 this blog post goes along with the video on YouTube where I show you what I am doing.  Here is the link to that exact video. CLICK HERE


As mentioned in this video I have new office lights! Some of you have been with me on YouTube for a while and will notice the difference.  So here is the link for the lights which helped me shoot a better video with FREE INFORMATION for YOU!


LED Strip Lighting for Craft room, Sewing room lighting idea

These lights were silly easy to install!.  A couple of clips and  just pop the light into the clips, plug it in and you are done. Trust me your eyes will thank you!


Soup Bowl Cozy Batting on the Cheap

As mentioned in the packaging video....this is the link to the blog about how to cut soup bowl cozy batting inexpensively.


In this blog I break down step by step down to the penny how much it cost's to cut 100's of Soup Bowl Cozies out with my Accuquilt and Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting. You can make a lot of money at your next craft fair by following my step by step guide and recommended products.  #affiliate - yes I am an Affiliate.   But I was not an affiliate for anything until I worked my butt off, figured out all the steps for myself, started a website, wrote blogs, had and active Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and did a whole bunch of videos on YouTube showing you how to do stuff for free.  I get paid as an affiliate if you purchase a product thru a link which is AWESOME and I cannot thank you enough!


I knew the products and brands I am now an affiliate for were awesome long before I was smart enough to ask to work with them.

YOU CAN DO THIS! Watch my videos and I'll show you how!


Step 1.

Let's break down each step from the video!

  1. Cut out your Soup Bowl Cozies with your Accuquilt you need a machine and a die. This is covered in detail in the blog as mentioned above.
  2. Photograph each step of your process.
  3. Use the App Canva to make a poster with all your images.  You can write instructions on each image, add arrows, directions etc. Of course Canva gave me a link to share with you!  I use the Pro Plan and you can too! CLICK HERE FOR CANVA.
  4. Print your poster on your HP Printer like I did at first.  SHOP PRINTER, or you can do what I did and after I printed the first round I decided to just order the posters from Vista Print. Sorry I don't have a discount code I can share for Vista Print unless you message me direct.  They do have some great sales from time to time and I try to watch for sales!
  5. Now I have my printed pattern and I am able to cut out the Soup Cozies because I own and Accuquilt and the Die.  So I cut a bunch out and then it's time to figure out how to get everything into a package that is inexpensive to mail.
  6. If you live in Canada we have what's known as the SLOT OF DOOM! It's a measurement guide Canada Post uses and essentially if your package can fit in the slot you don't pay as much to ship.
  7. I ordered a Slot of DOOM from this Etsy Seller ← Click for her! I use her Slot of DOOM all the time. 

Slot of Doom Canada Post Mailing Cost Aid

8. What else is in my bag?  Well I am glad you are still reading in my Soup Cozy kit I also have a spool of Gutermann Cotton Thread. The small skinny spools. Like this. CLICK HERE

Gutermann Cotton Thread used by Home Stitchery Decor. Soup Bowl Cozy Thread9. Finally in my kit I have some Chopsticks.  You can use one to push the corners of your sewn project inside out AND then you can heat up a bowl of noodles and eat them with your Chopsticks. 

We are almost done! WRAPPING IS NEXT!

Cello Bags, used for packaging sewing kitsCello Bags. Lets hold everything together in a clear bag so everything is safe but people can see what's in the kit! CLICK HERE

 Made in Canada Stickers for Mailing out Sewing Kits Click Here.


Made in the USA Stickers for Sewing KitsCLICK HERE

Poly Mailers for small business packaging.Be sure the first message your customer see's is a THANK YOU! Grab some cute poly mailers and you are done!



BONUS Business Tips from a PRO!

Here are some bonus tips and tricks to help you get your small business up and running like a professional!  These are some serious tips so be sure to bookmark this page and come back often for updates.

I wish I had started with Shopify the right way from the beginning.  So SHOPIFY for the win. 

Here are the App's I use on Shopify.

1. Etsy Integration and Sync.  Available in the Shopify App Store. I can post my products in Shopify and they will sync right to Etsy.  I know, a lot of people don't understand why you would do both.  But here's the thing, Etsy has a lot of traffic.  I can pay to go to Markets or I can get them same kind of views from the comfort of my home.  The App is easy to use if you have one product line and set up shipping the correct way. But don't worry...even if you get stuck there is no question these people will not help with.  Look at my store...I have hundreds of products in the works.  I got stuck and within a couple emails everything was flowing better then I could have imagined.  I don't have a link ...yet. Maybe they will give me one soon. 

2. Judge Me Product Review. This is another Shopify App that lets people leave you reviews and increases your social proof about the products you are selling.

3. Klaviyo email marketing. Available at Klaviyo ← click  It's free up to a certain number of sent emails.  They have a great training system so you can learn all kinds of cool stuff like how to send out personalized discounts.

4. Shopify Email.  Available in the Shopify App Store. This is the very first thing you should have.  Sell a Soup Cozy Sewing Kit and get someone to sign up for your email at check out.  Next week when you have a new Soup Cozy Sewing Kit to sell you can send them a quick not!

5. Frequently Bought Together Pro. Available in the Shopify App Store. This app shows customers related products they may be interested in at check out. They may choose a dish towel from me and then add on a matching rug. Up sell made easy!

6. Tailwind.  If you are not using Tailwind you are seriously missing out.  Tailwind links to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  I can link Blog Posts, Product Pages, Collection Pages, most of my Affiliate Partners links and my Etsy into Tailwind and schedule 100's of Pins in a matter of minutes.  Instead of sitting on my phone wondering when to post I use this APP and I kid you not it has given me back my life and increased my views everywhere at the same time. Here's my link.  Yes, I am an Affiliate.

7. Retail Barcode Labels. Available in the Shopify App Store.  Keeping track of inventory in multiple sales locations is and absolute nightmare!  That all changed when I started using Retail Barcode Labels and my DYMO Label Writer.  You can create individual barcodes for each product then print them off and put them on a tag.  Now I can sell at local Farmers Markets, Online, In Local Stores and off Etsy with the same barcode on my products on every channel.  It's super easy to see if something is running low.  Not to mention I paired it with my Shopify Card Reader so I can scan the codes and sell direct to customers.


You can get a Dymo Label Maker off of Amazon. I got the 4xl.  It prints the small 1x1 inch labels for Price tags AND you can put large mailing labels in it too! It requires no ink so all you buy is the labels. It syncs with Shopify like a dream!

Mailing Label Maker, Price Tag Label Maker. Professional Label Maker for small business.



Affiliate Disclaimer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am an Affiliate for almost every link I share.  WHY? Well I started a small business and then I found some really awesome stuff to use to help my small business.  Now you can use the same tools and if you do buy something through a link you really help my small business.  I make the tutorials and write the blog posts for everyone to benefit.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my dreams of being a successful work at home lady come true!  Every penny adds up and I really do appreciate all the support.  Even if you can’t make a purchase you can help your favorite small business by leaving comments on their posts.  Give their videos a thumbs up, or tell a friend! 

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