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I'm Jolene, a self-taught designer in Calgary Alberta Canada. A few years back in 2019 I was recovery from a major illness and thought there is no time like the present to start living my dream life.  With my sewing machine and some fabric I started sewing Rugs for every room in my home.
A few weeks later we threw a party, and our friends were stealing them. Right then I knew I could make a business out of my love for sewing and my love for all things vintage farmhouse style. I added one product after another until I arrived at a cohesive line of mix and match home decor. But of course, that wasn't enough!
I taught myself pattern design and started incorporating my original repeat pattern designs and put them on even more products to complete my collections. Now I am a mix of hand made and print to order products.
I love what I do, but even more I love building my team and supporting my community thru events, employment, and education.
I teach what I do. You can follow along on my YouTube Channel.
So, join me on this adventure, unlike an amusement park there's no line ups...yet! 

Jolene - Owner

Home Stitchery Decor 



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