What is a Jelly Roll Rug

What is a Jelly Roll Rug

What is a Jelly Roll Rug?

Join me while I teach you what a jelly roll rug is and show you step by step how to sew your own farmhouse style rug.  Easy to sew, washable rugs for your kitchen bed or bath! Grab your favorite quilting material, some quilt batting and your favorite sewing machine! Learn to Sew


Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial. Washable Kitchen Farmhouse Accent Rug  Jelly Roll Rug, Washable Farmhouse Accent Rug, Kitchen Rug. Jelly Roll Rug, Washable Farmhouse Kitchen Accent Rug



The first thing you should know about Jelly Roll Rugs is that you can buy them direct from me! It's true.  I make 100's of Jelly Roll Rugs. Or Farmhouse Kitchen Accent Rugs if you prefer.  Washable rugs for your kitchen, bed or bathroom. And cute colorful washable nursery rugs too! Just click SHOP NOW to see what's available for immediate delivery.


What's a Jelly Roll Rug.

A Jelly Roll Rug is a rug made from a Jelly Roll, quilt batting and thread.  They are what I call a Farmhouse Accent Rug.  They are a traditional washable rug that is typically handcrafted by the artist. 

At Home Stitchery Decor Jelly Roll Rugs coordinate with mix and match decor for every room in your home.

Rugs start out as fabric by the meter which gets cut into strips.  It is then sewn end to end using a mitre technique. Once each fabric strip is sewn together you then have a really long piece of end to end fabric.  This sounds like a lot right?  Oh wait...there's more!

Now take your end to end fabric and lay batting on the wrong side.  Fold both the batting and quilting fabric twice.  Once in half, then in half again.  Now you have a tube.  Sew this tube with a straight stitch the entire length. 

Then, take this tube and starting from the center you sew the rug from the center out.  Sound's easy right?  Well; not so fast.  It can be easy with the right tools and techniques. If you want to sew you own great! Let me help you!

Where to use a Jelly Roll Rug.

 Jelly Roll Rug, Washable Farmhouse Kitchen Accent Rug Jelly Roll Rugs make great kitchen accent rugs.  Check out this entire collection of coordinating mix and match farmhouse style kitchen decor.  This is a huge rug, washable on gentle in cool water. Oh I know you want to see the collection so just. CLICK HERE
Jelly Roll Rugs make great bedside or Nursery Room Rugs. This soft subtle pink rug is washable, soft and heavy.  Match your decor with your favorite rug today! Yes I also made the quilt...no it's not for sale, but that your for the lovely comments! Bedside Jelly Roll Rug. Washable Nursery Rug
Jelly Roll Rug luxury bathmat. Luxury bathroom rug. Washable Bathmat Have you thought of using a Jelly Roll Rug in your bathroom! I sure did! Check out this beautiful black and white washable bathmat.  Yes it's a Jelly Roll Rug!  They are washable, heavy and have ridges to help them stay put.  Although if you are using it in the bathroom I recommend getting some non-slip strips for under it.  Here's a link for the anti-slip. Click Here.

What's a Jelly Roll?

A jelly roll is a name the Moda fabric company came up with to call a specific kind of fabric collection that's cut into 2.5 inch wide strips.  Typically it starts with ten colors in a line of fabric prints.  Quilting fabric comes on a bolt and varies from 42 to 44 inches wide. Although it can come much wider for things like quilt backing the fabric used in Jelly Rolls starts out 42 to 44 inches wide.

From these approximately 10 coordinating prints strips of 2.5 inch wide quilting cotton is cut.  40 strips of the cut fabric is then selected to be wound up into what is known and sold as a Jelly Roll. 

Jelly Rolls come in every color you can imagine, and each roll usually features all of one designer. You can find them in monochromatic hues and in themes as well.  Often sold for quilting kits they can feature Halloween, Americana, Christmas, Nature, and Batik quilting fabric. Find Jelly Rolls to match your vibe!  Are you a Farmhouse Fabulous decorator? Or perhaps a Modern Minimalist.  There's a Jelly Roll for everyone!

Here are some pictures of Jelly Rolls for reference.

 Jelly Roll Quilting Fabric. Fabric for Jelly Roll Rugs. Jelly Roll Rug Fabric. Jelly Roll Rug Fabric. Quilting Fabric Jelly Roll Rug Material Jelly Roll Rug Quilting Material. Quilting pre-cuts. 2.5 Inch Jelly Roll


Click on any picture and you will be able to see Jelly Rolls from a company I love and recommend!

Or Click Here for the entire collection.

So now you know what a Jelly Roll looks like, lets get into the supplies you will need to complete this project.


Watch the Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial on the Home Stitchery Decor YouTube Channel.


Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial on the Home Stitchery Decor YouTube Channel

Best Supply List for Jelly Roll Rugs

  1. One Jelly Roll
  2. Two Rolls of Bosal Jelly Roll Batting Strips. Or Other Quilt Batting. Or Pellon Strips.
  3. Thread
  4. Schmetz Jeans Needle
  5. Sewing Machine.
  6. Mary Ellen's Best Press.
  7. Jelly Roll Sasher

Let's break each of these down so you can easily find the Jelly Roll Rug supplies and explain what each are.

1. You can find Jelly Roll's a lot of places and perhaps you even own them.  For this farmhouse rug sewing project, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of using quality materials.  Rug sewing can be easy if you use the correct materials. Those who try to wing it with sub-par quilting fabric and a mix match of batting scraps can find this project a lot harder.

1. The best places I have found to purchase Jelly Rolls are following.

Connecting Threads 

Missiouri Star

  • Everyone loves this company!  From all the free tutorials and patterns one of the best quilting companies and I have ordered from them many times!
  • Here is a $10.00 off your first order code. Click Here.


  • Jelly Rolls also available on Amazon.
  • Look for brands like Kona, Lori Holt, Robert Kaufman, Riley Blake and Kona
  • Here's the link to help you pick your favorite. Click Here.

2. Pellon Batting Strips.

By far the easiest way to complete a Jelly Roll Rug is to use Bosal Batting Strips or Pellon Batting Strips as the filling. These are pre-cut strips and you generally need to large rolls of 50 Yards each to complete a Jelly Roll Rug.  

  •  Bosal Batting Strips are available at the following providers.

 Bosal Batting Strips, Bosal Quilting Batting Strips


Bosal Quilt Batting, Bosal Batting Strips

Connecting Threads carries Bosal Batting, how convenient, they sell awesome Jelly Rolls too!


Bosal Batting is also available on Amazon.


Pellon Batting Strips, Pellon Jelly Roll Batting

Pellon Batting Strips. Jelly Roll Rug Batting Strips.

Sewing Machines Plus Sells Pellon Batting Strips, and every sewing and embroidery machine you can think of!


Pellon Batting is also sold at Amazon.


 3. Thread is the next essential supply for this project and my second favorite thing next to fabric.  All the feels for good thread!  Of course there is some for every job but I recommend getting it from Connecting Threads.  They have so many colorful thread sets to choose from, which makes it so easy to pick the perfect color to compliment any Jelly Roll.

 Thread set, quilting thread, sewing thread, embroidery thread Thread set, sewing thread, embroider thread. Sewing thread set. Teal thread. Thread Sets, sewing thread set, embroidery thread
Thread sets, sewing thread set, embroidery thread set Sewing thread set, embroidery thread set, quilting thread set Sewing thread set, embroidery thread set, quilting thread set


How to Cut Strips - the Accuquilt!!!

Accuquilt Cutting Machines and Dies

Use the 2.5 inch DIE  


Best Thread Tips for Jelly Roll Rugs

It's important to use the best quality thread you can find for this project.  I recommend polyester as it has low lint and a high breaking point.  Sewing a Jelly Roll Rug is a big job for your machine and therefore the thread. 

You want a thread that is capable of doing a wide zig zag stitch.  Consider too that the Jelly Roll Rug is a very thick and heavy project to sew.  If you find your thread is breaking, shredding or skipping consider using better quality thread.  You can also try changing your needle and cleaning your bobbin case if things are not sewing properly.

You will need approximately 1200m of Thread for one Jelly Roll Rug.  Purchasing larger cones will help you save on thread costs.  At the beginning of the project pre-wind 5-7 bobbins in the thread color of your choice.  Alternatively you can purchase pre-wound bobbins but they may not match the color of your thread exactly so take that into consideration when selecting your thread.

Sewing slow on a big table with an inset for your machine will help keep your thread and machine sewing properly.  Don't force your machine and give it some grace as this is a large heavy project.  Slower sewing will reduce your thread breaking and will give your machine the time it needs to pull both the fabric and the thread through it's mechanisms. If you rush one side of your rug may pull through unevenly and result in waves in your material, thus creating a wavy rug.

Sewing Machine Furniture, Sewing Room Furniture, Sewing ChairSHOP NOW FOR FURNITURE ← Click Here.




4. Now that we know we need the very best thread for this project lets pair it with the very best needles.  This is going to be a very short section.  You need 100/16 Jeans needles and THE BEST are SCHMETZ Did you know they have been in business for 170 Years.  Who can say that! 

"In 1851, Ferdinand Schmetz founded the SCHMETZ needle factory in Herzogenrath near Aachen."

Credit from Schemtz.com website.

Anyway - you need these needles.  They are awesome! Get some here

Schmetz Needles. Sewing machine needles made by Schmetz

 100/16 SHOP NOW.


Best Sewing Machine for Jelly Roll Rugs.

5. In our supply list above I mentioned that you are going to need a sewing machine for this project.  Although technically you could sew this by hand I think you will be much happier purchasing a quality machine.  And you know I aim to please - are you still here?  Good.  Let's talk machines. 

This is a big rug, it's thick, heavy and we already talked about quality fabric, needles and thread.  Now put those all together with a fantastic sewing machine and you too could be sewing and selling Jelly Roll Rugs!  I sell 100's of Jelly Roll Rugs.  In my online store, in the local stores I am in, at Farmers Markets and even in my Etsy shop.  I cannot do it without a good machine.

From professional seamstresses and quilters to beginner sewers try the company I now use for all my Machines. 



Click here to SHOP NOW

 Let's have a look see at what's there shall we! They have the following brands.

  • Juki
  • Janome
  • Brother
  • Singer
  • Necchi
  • Bernina
  • Baby Lock
  • HandiQuilter
  • Husquvarna
  • Pfaff
  • Simplicity
  • Econosew
  • Generations
  • The Grace Company
  • HighLead
  • Consew
  • Reliable
Juki Sewing Machine.  Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine
Brother Embroidery Machines Brother Embroidery Machines
Pfaff overlock Pfaff Overlock
Juki Sewing Machine Juki sewing machine


I could go on and on about the sales and service from Sewing Machines Plus! You need this sewing machine company in your life. SEW GOOD!

Flat Jelly Roll Rugs

6. Mary Ellen's Best Press. It's the spray that starch wishes it could be.  It comes in a variety of scented and unscented versions and it makes sewing flat rugs easier.


 Mary Ellens Best Press Recommend sewing clear start, sizing alternative Mary Ellens Best Press, Clear Starch, sizing alternative Mary Ellens Best Press. Clear Starch, Sizing Alternative

7.Flat Jelly Roll Rugs are not that hard to do when you start off right.  Try using the Jelly Roll Sasher tool for even first folds.  It's a simple little tool invented by Paulina Rogers.  You simply thread your first layer of fabric through one side and then over the middle and back down.  Now pull your fabric through and voila and even fold. 

Jelly Roll Sasher Tool by Pauline Rogers

 Here's the thing about Jelly Roll Sashers...like everything else on the planet China has ripped off the design and sells multiple versions.  But Pauline Rogers designed it.  So I am telling you about the original designer.



 Jelly Roll Rugs for sale!

Now that you know what a Jelly Roll Rug is and you have decided that you do not want to make your own I bet you are wondering where on earth can you buy them.  Well right here at Home Stitchery Decor!

I design, sew and sell Jelly Roll Rugs.  Sometimes I buy actual Jelly Rolls but due to the amount of Rugs I sell I mostly mix and match yardage and cut my own strips and curate my own collections. I sell 100's a year.  Find the in the Nothing but Rugs Collection at Home Stitchery Decor.

My Jelly Roll Rugs are part of a coordinated collection of Farmhouse styled kitchen, bed and bath decor. Be sure to check out the entire catalogue or mix and match items designed to compliment each rug.  Complimentary items include dish towels, dish drying mats, placemats, crocheted wash cloths, soup cozies and Mandala wall art.

Jelly Roll Rug for Sale. Teal Washable Farmhouse Kitchen Rug Jelly Roll Rug for Sale, Blue and Red Washable Farmhouse Kitchen Accent Rug Cream Jelly Roll Rug for Sale. Cream Washable Farmhouse Kitchen Accent Rug.
Black and White Jelly Roll Rug for Sale. Black and White Washable Kitchen Accent Rug Pink Jelly Roll Rug For Sale. Washable Pink Nursery Room Accent Rug Blue and Black Jelly Roll Rug For Sale, Washable blue and black kitchen accent rug
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