Farmers Market Craft Booth Set Up.  Expandable on-brand set up ideas.

Farmers Market Craft Booth Set Up. Expandable on-brand set up ideas.

Hey all!  Have you ever been stuck on ideas on how to set up a craft booth?  After years of craft booth set ups I now have a great system.  I used interchangeable matching stands, tables, buckets and shelves.  Now I can be at the Farmers Market selling and when asked if I have more I can refer the customer to one of the stores carrying my products.  When they arrive at the store they see the same quality on-brand set up. 
So come on get started!  By the end of of this Blog you will be able to set up your own craft booth, and will be provided links to the actual products I use!  Yes links.  I know you love looking at Pinterest for inspiration, and so do I; so grab your basic set up and then check out Pinterest for ideas for individual flair.



So here is an example of my largest set up vs my smallest.  Of course everything evolves over time so don't get discouraged if you can't afford everything right away.  The trick is to buy a base and then add on! 

In the center of the top image is my Clothing Display Rack.  Click on the highlighted words and you can shop for yourself. You can buy versions of this stand on Amazon and then use it over and over in different set ups. What I like best is how easy it is to set up and tear down.  Literally just an Allen Key, which they give you in the packaging.  And depending on how much you are taking to a market and how big your vehicle is, you can leave part of it together for even faster set up. It takes about 10 minutes to set up the entire thing.  It doesn't matter what you are selling, you can either stack items direct on the shelves or use more baskets and bins.  The racks come in multiple colors as well.The best part is Amazon has been selling versions of these for forever, so you will likely always be able to find one.

Click on this highlighted text and you can see a whole page of options.


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Next table talk.  Oh sure we all know what a table is.  But do you know what the ultimate table is? After years of searching I think I can save you some time.  It's portable, it folds, it stacks, it creates corners or dividers in your booth for traffic flow, it has handles.  AND it is washable.  Yes that's right.  Everything you put in your booth not only needs to look pretty, it needs to be durable and easily washed.  These markets can be really frustrating when your stands break in a wind storm, or get covered in mud and then you have to replace them.  Which equals time lost and money spent!


These are the tables I personally use (click highlighted text)

I love using 6 ft tables and I am sure you will too.  They are light enough to carry and these ones come with carrying straps.


 Farmers Market Craft Booth, Craft Booth Ideas, Farmers Market  Booth Ideas At this market I had a lot of space, so I was able to place the tables opposite one another. This booth worked great as people were able to stand and shop at multiple sections.  Note my base stand in the center.  This allowed people to shop on either side of the stand as well as the tables and surrounding racks without bumping into one another!

Here is a close up view of the table set up.  Although it may seem my items are really spread out it's because I was supposed to have a tiny booth.  But Covid hit and the Market asked us all to spread apart from one another and to use up as much space as possible so shoppers could easily access items.  Which ended up being great for all the Vendors as no one felt squished; and I believe people spent more money.

I bet you are saying, hey that's great you are telling us about your tables.  Now what about the coverings.  Don't worry I am going to share that later in the article.

Farmers Market Craft Booth Set Up, Display Ideas for Farmers Market


At this market I had a smaller space. Obviously, I still want to use as many tables as possible, so I cornered off a section.  This gives you more room for display stands.  Considering this is an afternoon market I don't always take all my table display items.  This market is low key, and shoppers tend to buy a lot. I leave the decorative stands at home and load up on product.  It makes for easier set up.  My upscale events that I can set up a day before I take a more formal approach.

So let’s talks table coverings.  This picture has a really great close up of what I actually use.  Here is the link for them. Yes you guessed it, just click the highlighted text. These come in a variety of colors to match your branding.  Adding a pop of color to your booth has never been easier.

I have multiple of these in 6 and 8 feet.  My tables I carry around are 6 feet and sometimes I attend multiple markets in the same week.  Well weather where I live can be unpredictable and the last thing I want to do at the end of a fun day selling is laundry. These are so inexpensive I have bought several to switch out.

Some Markets have tables set up for you already and they can be 6 or 8 feet.  I always make sure to have both sizes in my car just in case.

I also have a plastic lace table cover. When you set up at a multi-day event you cannot be worried about people setting drinks down, or children with food messing up the table coverings.  Try adding a layer over top of the stretch table cloths.  They are pretty enough to add some pop to your booth and again, inexpensive enough you aren't crying if someone spills a drink.
Farmers Market Display IdeasCraft Market Tables, Farmers Market Display Tables


Ok so here we are.  Let's get into some details.  Both of these pictures have my base stand.  Now we need to fill the stands with your projects. Every single thing you can do before a market is one less thing you have to do while you are there. 
I like to use bins and buckets and pack them with product.  In my case I hang my rugs and towels on hangers. And if you have zoomed in on any of the pictures you will see I have a logo on each hanger, product, receipt etc.  So to get my logo onto my hangers I simply printed them on an Avery label. I use the same hangers for all my products.  Consistency for the win!  If you put your items in stores having a label on your hangers will also ensure you get them back!  The store wins because they are not trying to find display items; which lets be honest vary so much with each vendor, and you win because you get your hangers back to use again.
Don't leave a single opportunity to tell someone who you are.  They may see you again online and remember the size and shape or color of your logo and think oh snap! ...I didn't have time at that Market to really shop and look,
here these products are again. 
Now, let's talk buckets. 
A simple search of Farmhouse Bins can be easier then driving to multiple chain stores trying to find matching buckets.  No need to waste time at home trying to find a cheap ugly plastic bin, or stealing something from under your sink.  Feature your products with cute decor that matches the feeling you are trying to portray. 
Bonus - you can write this off!


Craft Market Tents, Farmers Market Booth Tent, Tent for Farmers Markets

But wait there's more!  If you are at a Market that's outdoors you are going to need a tent!  It needs to be fireproof and weighted down.  Get the bags here. The bags come empty and you will need to purchase sandbox sand and fill the bags.  Don't skimp.  Most markets have a weight requirement and you will need to make sure you have enough weight to keep your tent down in any weather. These boxes of sand are heavy!!! So heavy! Get them delivered to your house if you can and you can save yourself a week in bed from pushing them around in Home Depot and then loading them into your car and then into the garage.  It's fine to laugh, at the time it hurt too much for me to laugh.
And last but not may need a cart to wheel all your treasures into the Market.  I LOVE...seriously I can't tell you how much, LOVE a 4-in-one cart. These act as carts, have wheels and flip around into a ladder.  Which is really helpful when you are trying to hang up your sign, attach backdrops, string up lights etc. If you don't have one of these click the highlighted link and write that off on your next income tax. 


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