Cricut Mandala Tutorial

Mandala Tutorial by Home Stitchery Decor
Follow this link to watch the tutorial on Youtube
Follow along with free tutorials on Mandalas.   Instant Download SVG files that are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette and CNC Machines are available for purchase. 
Exclusive designs by Home Stitchery Decor. 
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Now here is the fun part - you all know we all use Affiliate Links.
If you choose to purchase something thru a link I receive a small payout from them.
Shadow Box Material List (here come the links): 12 Inch Shadow Box - I got the ones in the video from Micheals but you can also get them on Amazon.
12 Inch Card Stock Paper - I used the Recollection Collection from Micheals, the really thick style at 60lb.
Cricut Maker Machine and all the gadgets!
I cannot tell you how much I love my Maker!
Cricut Mats
Cricut Blades
Cutting Mat, Ruler and Rotary Cutter
Treat Coconut Hot Chocolate from The Spice Cabinet Traditions. Available in Canada Only.
Foam Tape - I used the 1/2 inch double sided craft foam tape from Micheals. But you can get it on Amazon so here is the link to the foam tape page.
Shadow Boxes are fun but they can be a bit tricky. So be sure to watch the assembly of the box part of the video near the end. You are so far into this project by now that you want the best look possible. Take your time. Don't press down your tape until you have double and triple checked that things have lined up. AND HAVE FUN!!! I appreciate each and everyone of you and your time! Thank you for choosing to spend it with me. I hope to encourage, engage and excite you to create products for your home and treasured gifts for your friends and relatives.
Disclaimer I use affiliate links.  If you purchase a product thru a link I receive a small commission.  At no cost to you!  It helps me create free content for YOU!
Thanks very much for your time!  Every click, like, share, comment and subscribe means a lot to small business and I am grateful for every second of your attention.
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