How I turned my 'little craft business' into my main income!

How I turned my 'little craft business' into my main income!



Home Stitchery Decor Craft Booth Set Up

Hey friends, did you know I started and run this entire business while still running my cleaning business.  What?  I know it seems crazy but there's a story to it so I will tell you how I get it all done.

It started about 3 years ago.  I was sick, and I mean sick.  I had 47 doctors appointment in about 7 months.  I had a bunch of stuff wrong with me but the biggest problem was a misdiagnosed tumor.  In February of 2019 I had an 8 hour surgery to remove it.  And was sent home the next day.

Laying in my bed after being so sick for so many months and suddenly feeling tremendously better, even though I just had major surgery; I got to thinking Geesh! Life is short and I really ought to get on with it!

Not sure if I was ever going to return to housecleaning I came up with a plan to start my own sewing and decor company.  But how would I do it all?  That's when I turned off my TV and found a couple Podcasts I liked.  A few days into the Podcasts I heard one speaker say if you started an hour ago you would be an hour ahead.  Now most of the Podcasts I listened too at first were get up and make your bed and everything will be fine, just listen to me (the speaker) every day for inspiration.

I will be honest, this did little to actually motivate me.  But the guy that said if you started an hour ago you would be an hour ahead stuck with me.  So I started switching it up and starting listening to Podcasts that had actionable steps.  There's still a lot of blah, blah in them.  But I did find that I was learning a lot.  So much in fact that I started keeping notes.

Once I was a bit better I headed downstairs into what was my old craft room and decided if I was going to do this I was going to go ALL IN!! Like ALL IN!!


Craft Room

I decided on a name based on research about Home Decor being one of the most searched for and highest ranks searches on Etsy, Pinterest and google.  I decided on Home Stitchery Decor as I planned to sew. 

I got a logo, a website and started with my very first product, RUGS! I listened and took notes and then came back to my computer or sewing machine and I either did the steps or I sewed. 

Now pretty soon I was feeling better and it was time to get back to cleaning.  Here is where life got a bit complicated.  I knew I never wanted to give up my sewing business.  But I also knew I would need income from the cleaning company, plus my body desperately needed the movement that comes with cleaning. 

But how would I do it all?  Well first I asked all my customers for their Wi-Fi passwords so I could listen to all my Podcasts, and by now also Webinars, Youtube videos etc.

Now I could work while I went to school!  Perfect!  Although now I was overwhelmed and although I thought I knew what I was doing cleaning I was coming home more tired then I had ever been before.  The sicknesses I have were sinking in and I knew I would have to learn to clean better!  So you guessed it I Youtubed that!  Seriously do it!

Now that I am feeling better I have found some products that really help me with my cleaning, thus letting me concentrate while learning how to build my other business while I clean and earn an income.  And when I have to clean my own house I have a system of products that speed the whole thing up!  Crazy!  And with all the Covid restrictions, my compromised health and not wanting to feel exhausted every day these products work!


#1 My Vileda Mop and Pads.  I own many and I have them in all my customers houses.  Wet the pad and use a couple drops of hand soap and you will have shiny streak free floors EVERY TIME.  Here's a link just click this highlighted text. 

Bar Cloths - holy cow!  What.  Yes that's right I use these everywhere, they bleach easy, they are cheap and they hold up.  No touching one surface and then another, buy them in bulk and toss these suckers in the wash. Bar Cloths

Blue Scotch Bright non-scratch pads. I use these for stove tops, showers, bathtubs and pots and pans.  Did you know shampoo will clean anything off your showers?  Wait, what?  Yes that's right.  Load up your blue scratch pad with some cheap shampoo and see that bubble bath ring disappear!  Hardly any scrubbing and it leaves no residue.  Rinse well though as it can be slippery!

Microfiber Cloths - load these up with hot water and dawn dish soap and then wash all your stainless steel.  Use a window cloth to dry.  I like Norwex Window cloths.  

Vinegar.  All those crusted up taps are crying.  Wrap them tight with some paper towels then soak the towel with vinegar.  Wipe up the drips off counters like granite and just leave the wet vinegar towel wrapped for 30mins on your taps. 

If any of these tips help even one person clean faster so they have more energy to start their dream job then this blog is successful!!!

If you choose so shop thru a link it does help me as I am an Amazon Affiliate and receive a small commission anytime someone shops thru a link.  This is at no extra cost to you! 

Every link, customer share, or person tagging me on a social is helping me build my dream life and I take nothing for granted!!! Thank you does not cover it!

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