How to Make A LOT OF MONEY Selling Soup Bowl Cozies | Microwave Soup Cozy

How to Make A LOT OF MONEY Selling Soup Bowl Cozies | Microwave Soup Cozy

Let's get real people...real talk about real money and how much you can make sewing and selling Soup Bowl Cozies.  We are going to use Accuquilt Dies and Cutting Machines, Wrap and Zap batting and some common sense.You are going to want to bookmark this blog for reference.
I get asked all the time, how am I doing so much, how I make it all look so easy...etc. Well I will tell you that none of this has been easy for me, but I have developed some systems to make my life easier and to multiply my revenue FAST.  Like super duper fast considering I am three years into
'my little craft business'
The first thing you are going to need is an
Accuquilt Cutting Machine
Fabric Die Cutting Machine On Sale
Lets break them down.
I personally use the Studio - mine is called and Accucut.  I got it second hand and it's the school version and came with a bunch of cardstock dies.  But it is the exact same thing as the Studio2 so don't get put off if you watch the YouTube video and mine has a different label.
You can find the link for the YouTube Video at the bottom of this Blog.

Studio2 Set Up.

Click Here to Shop for you own ← Click

Prices and Conversions may change at any time.

 Studio2 Die Cutting Machine Used by Home Stitchery Decor

Studio2 Cutting Machine

$655 US

$825 Canadian


Die Tray for Studio2 Cutter Used by Home Stitchery Decor

15 1/2 x27 Inches

I recommend just purchasing the biggest tray and then you only have to buy one.

$65 US

$83 Canadian


Super Jumbo Plastic

14 1/2 x26 Inches

$40 US

$51 Canadian

Home Stitchery Decor uses this Soup Cozy Die

Bowl Cozy

10x10 Inch

$99 US


$859 US
$1083 Canadian
(prices subject to change and rate changes)
Now you are going to need some fabric to make these with. 
Don't use anything but 100% cotton.
I take no responsibility for materials you use.  Read and follow all manufacturers directions.
Golly People - there are 100's of posts about Soup Cozies - follow the dang directions!!! For Real!
Wrap And Zap Batting For Soup Cozy - used by Home Stitchery Decor
$165 US or $215 Canadian
this one is 90 inches by 9 yards. Buy it here...
I personally use this size because it is per inch the cheapest to purchase in this size.  Amazon is the only place I know of that sells this size.
Wrap and Zap batting used by Home Stitchery Decor
$47 US or $60 Canadian
this one is 20 inches by 10 yards...Buy it here...
Wrap and Zap Batting Used by Home Stitchery Decor
I personally do not like this package size for Soup Bowl Cozies because it is 45x36 and the die is 10x10 so I have waste.  If this is the package in your budget it's a great option and you will have a bit left over for other projects
Comes in two per package at
$27 US or $36 Canadian
Buy it here...
So now we are sitting at
US $859 for the Machine
Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs
90x9 yards $165 + $859 = $1024
20x10 Yards $47 + $859 = $906
2 pack 45x36 Inches $27+ $859 = $886
$1024 for the Machine
Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs
90x9 Yards 215 + 1024 = $1239
20 Inches by 10 Yards 60 + 1024 = $1084
2 Pack 45x36 Inches 36 + 1024 = $1060
Plus the Cost of your Quilt Cotton
Plus Thread
Reminder - 100% Cotton Material and Thread ONLY!

GoBig Electric Set Up

Click Here to Shop GoBig ← Click

(Prices and Rates can Vary)

 Home Stitchery Decor Blog Post on Soup Cozy's Recommended Cutting Machines by Accuquilt

This is a beauty!

It comes with some accessories as well so you get more then just the machine.

$699 US

$891 Canadian

Cutting Mat needed to go with the cutting machine recommended by Home Stitchery Decor


14x16 Inches 2 Pack

$65 US

$83 Canadian

Soup Cozy Die Used by Home Stitchery Decor


Soup Cozy Die

10x10 Inches

$99 US

$126 Canadian

$863 US
Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs
90x9 yards $165 +863 = $1028
20 Inches by 10 yards $47 + 863 = $910
2 Pack of 45 x 36 Inches $27 + 863 = $890
$1098 Canadian
Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs
90x9 Yards $215 + $863 = 1313
20inches by 10 Yards $60 + $1098 = $1158
2 Pack of 45x36 Inches $36 + $1098 = 1134
Plus the cost of your Quilt Cotton Fabric, Plus Thread.

Go Fabric Cutter

Click Here to Shop GoFabric Cutter

Prices and Conversions may vary.

 Home Stitchery Decor Blog Post about Soup Cozys and recommended cutting machines by Accuquilt

Hand Crank

Comes with Accessories - which may vary.

US $549

Canadian $701


 Home Stitchery Decor Recommends this Cutting Mat by Accuquilt to make soup cozy's


14x16 Inches Cutting Mat

2 Pack

US $65

Canadian $83



Soup Cozy Die

US $99

Canadian $126

Go Starter Pack

$713 US

Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs

90 Inches x 9 Yards $165 + $713 = $878

20 Inches x 10 Yards $47 + $713 = $760

2 Pack of 45 Inches x 36 Inches $27 + $713 = $740


$910 Canadian

Plus Wrap and Zap Batting Costs

90 Inches x 9 Yards $215 + $910 = $1125

20 Inches x 10 Yards $60 + $910 = $970

2 Pack of 45 Inches x 36 Inches $36 + $910= $946

Plus the cost of your quilt cotton fabric, Plus thread

REMINDER 100% Cotton ONLY!!!



Now say you choose the largest machine, the Studio 2.  And purchase the biggest bolt of batting.  You will get 330 cuts of batting for that bolt.  I tried it.  And I made a video of me doing it!  That's 165 Soup Cozies.


You will need the exact same amount of Quilting Fabric.

Most Quilting Fabric is 36 Inches by 42 - which is 1512 inches per yard!

Each cozy is 10x10 x 2 + 200 Inches 1512 divided by 200 7.50 Cozies per yard.

165 Cozies total - divided by 7.5 per yard.

Means you need Approx 24 Yards of Fabric

I would say on the high end get 24 yards of fabric  and make sure it's decent quality!  Don't go for $5 dollar fabric.  You want to sell these for a good mark up.  So 24 yards of $12 dollar a meter fabric is $288.00. 

(You can find fabric on sale) Get the $20 a meter fabric that's on sale for $12

Your Cost is $288.00.

Get the $15 Dollar a Meter Fabric that's on sale for $8.

24yards at $8 is  $192.


Now your Cost with the Studio Machine plus batting is $1024 plus $288 for Quilting Fabric.

You are now into this project for US $1312



Now your Cost with the Studio Machine plus batting is $1239 Plus $367 for Quilting Fabric

You are now into this project for Canadian $1606


Time for a name drop....Connecting Threads has awesome fabric.


Home Stitchery Decor Blog Post Article about Soup Cozy's recommends fabric from Connecting Threads


You will have to buy thread - cotton thread.  Which I am going to guess it $50 American or Canadian at worst. 


So total cost - American $1360 some odd dollars

Canadian $1650 some odd dollars


And now it's time to sell these....

I sold over 200 this Christmas Season.  They were my second best seller of the season - after my Farmhouse DIY Rugs. 

I live in Canada and they sold for $15 each. 

I got a total of $165 Bowl Cozies and sold them for $15 each.

Total $2475!!!

You can sell them in the US for $15 as well.


$2475 - $1650 = $825 profit.  Canadian

And you only have to purchase the machine once!

$2475 - $1360 = $1115 Profit


Imagine if you will only having to purchase the fabric the second time around.


Batting $165

Quilting Material $288

Thread $50

= $503

Soup Cozy's Made 165 x price $15 = $2475

PROFIT = $1972


Canadian Pricing

Batting $215

Quilting Material $367

Thread $50

= $632

Soup Cozies Made 165 x price $15 = $2475

PROFIT $1843


Holy moly that is a lot of fabric math and calculations! 

Are you still here? Oh thank goodness!

Now go shop all the deals at

Accuquilt ← Click here to shop.


But wait there's more!  You are going to need a fantastic machine.  Shop all the best deals from the best company I know

Sewing Machines Plus ← you guessed it click here to shop.

They also had the amazing TrueSharp2 Rotary Blade Sharpener I featured in the video when I was cutting the batting strips down to 10 inch lengths.

Another way to purchase your TrueSharp2 is direct from Amazon. ← Link here!


I know this was a lot and I thank you for your time!  Please be sure to leave helpful positive comments - and point out any spelling errors you see so I can correct them.  Dead links etc....It's just me here in Calgary Alberta Canada and I am not perfect.  But I am trying to put valuable content out to the masses!


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Love your video. It was so informative. I sew and sell bowl cozies on a much smaller level, at our local Farmer’s Market and a few craft events. I had no idea it could be done at the level you sale them. Thank you again for all your help.

Mary Lue Bjornstad

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