Fabric Deals for JellyRoll Rugs | Farmhouse DIY Rug Fabric For Less

Fabric Deals for JellyRoll Rugs | Farmhouse DIY Rug Fabric For Less

Let's face it finding fabric is hard!  Especially if you are ordering quilt fabric online.  You spend half your time debating if the quality of the quilting fabric is sub-par, then you debate the cost of shipping the fabric. 
As a small business owner I am tracking down the right suppliers for my own Farmhouse DIY Decor business, and I am spilling the tea on which sewing and quilting companies are good enough for me to personally recommend.

Well folks we have a WINNER!  Connecting Threads!

Check out their Quilting Fabric Collections where they take the guess work out of your next project.

Home Stichery Decor Recommends Fabric from Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads ← Click Here to Shop


Coordinated fabric collections are just the beginning at Connecting Threads.

Check out the Thread, every color in the rainbow! You can sew for days with the large spools! And Connecting Threads took the guess work out of thread collections as well.  Sewing made easy with collections like

Farmhouse Thread Set - you know I am ordering this!

Fairy Tale Thread Set

Quartz Metallic Tonals Thread Set

Old Glory Thread Set

Enchanted Forrest Thread Set

Hometown American Thread Set

Seaside Thread Set

Just to name a few. 

Home Stitchery Decor Recommends Thread

 Quilting Thread - ← Click Here to Shop

Finding great quilting fabric and thread is the start of any sewing business's success.  And for me I also need batting!  So lets talk batting. 

From Wrap and Zap for my Soup Bowl Cozy's to Insul-Bright for my Pot Holders. You can make a Jellyroll or Farmhouse Rug with Bosal Katahdin on a roll, and don't forget about Hobb's Heirloom for quilts of every size. 

Home Stitchery Decor Recommends Wrap and ZapHome Stitchery Decor Recommends Bosal KatahdinHome Stitchery Decor Recommends Insul-BrightHome Stitchery Decor Recommends Hobbs Heirloom


Get Batting Here ← Click Here to Shop


Now how are we going to sew all this fabulous farmhouse decor?

Well on a sewing machine of course!

Check out all the sewing, quilting and long arm machines available from Connecting Threads. Affordable and functional you'll be whipping up cottage core creations in no time. 

Home Stitchery Decor Recommends Sewing, Embroidery and Long Arm Quilting Machines

Sewing and Quilting Machines


Now that you have all the tools you need to start your sewing project follow along on the

Home Stitchery Decor YouTube Channel. 

There you will find tips and tricks and patterns for Farmhouse DIY Decor - or as the kids are calling it Cottage Core Designs. 

Along with sewing projects I have advice for anyone wanting to start building their small business.  From Website set up, Domain Purchasing, Google Adsense, How to Use Pinterest and how to build an audience. 

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But wait there's more. 

Once you are on a roll and need to unwind while you sew join me at

Soothing Sounds Therapy YouTube Channel ← Click Here

Relax while you sew to Ambient Music and Scenery Videos. Yes I do this too...I find it really hard to stay focused in my sewing room and it's easy to turn off the daily drama with Soothing Sounds.  I made this channel as a way to relax and enjoy the process of sewing.  

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