Farmhouse Christmas Tree Wreath

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Wreath Home Stitchery Decor
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Another new project from Home Stitchery Decor.
Learn to create your own one of a kind Christmas Tree Wreath using a template from Unique in The Creek. Made in the same style as all my handcrafted Farmhouse Decor this is easy DIY Christmas Decoration. I saw this project about a year ago and thought now there is something I would like to try! So not only did I purchase the Christmas Tree templates and follow along with the directions I've signed up to be an affiliate and put my own spin on it! You all knew I would!
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Here is a list of all the products used in this video - just copy and paste! Shop Unique in the Creek via my link for templates!
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Jute Ribbon - available from Amazon.
So much to choose from it's so easy to have it shipped right to your door!
Zip Ties 
Zip Tie Cutter
Rotary Cutter/Mat/Ruler
Hot glue Gun and Glue
Wreath Embellishments - so much to choose from its crazy!!!! Some for every season!
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