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Handcrafted Crotched Cotton Dish Cloth

Handcrafted Crotched Cotton Dish Cloth

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Discover the marriage of function and aesthetic in our Handcrafted Canadian Cotton Dish Cloth. This distinct item is masterfully created using premium Yarnspirations yarn, renowned for its superior quality and durability. The crocheted design adds an artisanal touch to your kitchen, turning an everyday item into a piece of home decor. These dish cloths are 100% cotton, highly absorbent, and fast drying. They embody the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. Each piece is individually handmade in Canada, focusing on the details to ensure an excellent finish that sets them apart. The cotton yarn boasts of eco-friendliness while maintaining an exquisite feel and durability. Our handcrafted dish cloth is an ideal sustainable swap to your kitchen - a testament to the beauty of handmade, eco-conscious living.


Product Details

  • Cotton Dish Cloth
  • Approximate size 8x8 Inches
  • Stylish edging which helps keep the shape


  • 100% Cotton Yarn from Yarnspirations
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