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Welcome to Home Stitchery Decor!  Specializing in Farmhouse Decor I bring your favorite Aunties house back to life with cottage core vibes you'll be sure to love! From Rugs to Dish towels you'll step back in time with products that give you warm fuzzies! I sell in local stores, online and at local Farmers Markets.

But wait...there's more.  I've always been a student and believe that we all do better when we share.  So not only do I sell, I teach how to make my exact products and offer business tips and advice to those wanting to create their own handcrafted businesses.  

Follow along with my blog, my YouTube Channel or my Instagram where I share not only my designs but all the tools I use to make them.  From software recommendations, photo editing and how I manage all the web things.  What programs work best, what platforms for selling do you need?  What the heck is Shopify anyway?  

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As a new business owner your support means the world to me.  Sponsorships and affiliate programs are allowing me to build me dream business and I'm just getting going - 2 years in.  I have developed from scratch everything from concept to the sales floor.  No amount of no's is going to deter me from making an evergreen business and I'm going to share each tool I use to get there.  

Let's be friends.  I sincerely want to cheer you on!  Say hi on a social and let's build a better future by lifting each other up.


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