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Hey Everyone! 

I'm here to answer the most asked question I personally get about being an Amazon Affiliate.  It's easier then you think to support me.

I recommend products I like from Amazon and provide you a link.  And all you need to do is click on any link I provide in blogs, videos or product pages.  You can purchase the specific products I recommend AND every other item you purchase may earn me a commission.  Provided you are clicking into Amazon thru my links.  Easy Peasy right! 

Here is my favorite Amazon Product  -

Click on it and see what happens!

Of course if you have been here a long time you likely know that I sew rugs and I absolutely cannot sew my Farmhouse Decor JellyRoll Rugs without this item. 

Did you see it?  Of course you did!  My cheerleaders are awesome with a side of sauce!

Now Amazon is not going to tell me what you bought or if you did.  So I have no way of thanking you for supporting my crafting business by purchasing products direct from me, shopping thru links, watching my YouTube Channel or Following me to a Farmers Market.  So THANK YOU!!! Really from the bottom of my heart...I just love my life and being able to work from home is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. 

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Disclaimer – Home Stitchery Decor uses Affiliate Links in the making of the products and media.  If you choose to purchase something thru a link we may or may not receive a commission, at no additional cost to you.  It’s an additional way for us to get paid and we are very grateful for the opportunity to recommend great products used by Home Stitchery Decor.  We accept no responsibility for issues from purchases.  We don’t handle transactions and we don’t store purchase details.


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