500 Hang Tags the Easy way using Vista Print. Design your own product hang tags in minutes.

Make 500 Hang Tags The Easy Way, Professional On Brand Tags

Are you looking for an inexpensive and effective way to tag your new products! Then... Join me in this video where I walk you thru a quick and cost effective process you can easily customize to your own product. Tagging all your products with professional looking tags will help you increase your revenue and create brand awareness for your Handmade Products.
Here's the Video! https://youtu.be/PaFFiCZ3Zlk
But Don't Go Away Too Quick
Here's the PDF Download with Quicklinks for Products Used in the Video
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Hang Tag Checklist Home Stitchery Decor
Every major brand does this and you should too!! In my opinion anyway. You have to put tags on your items to get your products into stores, it's easier to keep track of your inventory if you have tags and SKU's; and if your items are gifts the recipient now knows who you are should they wish to purchase another product.
Your tags should include
Your Logo
Your Contact Information
A Thank You Note
Care Instructions
Repeat customers can generate more long-term revenue!
Consider the LVC - Lifetime Value of Customer.
How much time and energy does it cost you to get a new customer...vs how many times they repeat purchases. It's way more cost effective to keep a customer then get a new one!
I keep my customers coming back for my Handcrafted Farmhouse Decor by creating quality products, videos and FREE RESOURCES which they can take inspiration from for their own DIY Decor Projects.
So, make sure your products are looking so good your customers start working for you. They do this by telling others about your items. In my case that's my handcrafted farmhouse decor, my tutorials, and my downloads.
This project is made on VISTAPRINT
Basic computer skills required but really that's all you need!
Most of my graphics are created on Canva.  It's a terrific platform for small handmade businesses to create branding for every social network you can imagine.  With a Free Plan you have access to all kinds of features. And if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan Canva unlocks a world of resources.  I personally use the FREE PLAN
Check out the Channel Art on my YouTube Channel!  I made it all with Canva.

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I am creating and adding more all the time! So, check back often. Happy Crafting! Here are some links to the products I am using.
Plastic Drawers I use these exact drawers in several areas of my craft room.  They are super hand for all the tiny accessories I use in my Farmhouse DIY Decor Projects.  I like the drawers with the flat top so I can sit these in a cupboard and have another 'shelf' on top of the drawers for larger items.
Plastic Drawers Office Supply used by Home Stitchery Decor
Hole Punch
Who doesn't need a single hole punch?  You will use this more then you can imagine!  Keep one handy for all your crafting projects.
Single Hole Punch Office Supply Used By Home Stitchery Decor

White mini product labels.  Even though I have the hang tags I still need a tag hung in behind the hang tag for information about my Farmhouse Decor Items. On this tag I can easily put stickers of SKU's and Price Stitckers.  If my customers are purchasing a Farmhouse Rug for instance they can remove this price tag and gift the Rug to a friend and simply remove this tag.  The leave the professional hang tag on the Jellyroll Rug so the friend still receives my business information and care instructions - but they don't see the price.  Genious!
White Hang Tags Office Supply Home Stitchery Decor
Thin White Ribbon
I use this ribbon to tie a hanger onto my products.  You can use the machine listed below, but I like the look of the ribbon and feel it ads another farmhouse touch to my Decor Items.  I personally want everything from start to finish on brand!
Thin White Ribbon Office Supply Home Stitchery Decor
Or if you Prefer - Tag Attach Machine
Here's the machine if you prefer it.  You'll save some production time using machines.
Product Label Attatcher Home Stitchery Decor
Gourd Pins
Up your game with Stylish Pins for your handcrafted items
Gourd Pins Home Stitchery Decor
Small Labels for Sku's and Price Tags
I tried buying cheaper versions of this only to be disappointed when they don't line up in the printer.  When you waste half the product you are not saving any money!
Avery labels for Price tags Home Stitchery Decor
Made in Canada Stickers
Tell people which country you items are coming from.  People are very patriotic and will proudly purchase products labeled with their country of origin.
Made In Canada Stickers Home Stitchery Decor
Made in USA Stickers
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