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Handmade Reversible Microwave Soup Bowl Cozy - Grey & White Floral Design

Handmade Reversible Microwave Soup Bowl Cozy - Grey & White Floral Design

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Experience a touch of Canada's exquisite craftsmanship with our grey and white floral reversible soup bowl cozy. This expertly designed soup bowl cozy allows you to enjoy your hot soup right out of the microwave without burning your hands. Crafted with the user in mind, it features a beautiful floral pattern in a soft grey and white palette to accent your kitchen decor while serving a practical purpose. It is made with superior-quality Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting for enhanced heat-resistance and long-lasting durability. Its reversible design grants the user dual utility and aesthetic versatility - simply flip it over for a refreshing change. Carefully handmade in Canada, it combines traditional skill with modern utility, providing a stylish solution for your soup-bowl handling needs.


Soup Bowl Cozy, never burn your hands again! This remarkable yet simply solution to hot soup bowls will have you wondering why you waited so long to buy one.  We’ve all done it, heated something in the Microwave and fingertip balanced hot soup to our dinner tables or couch.  Well suffer no more!  Put your soup in a bowl put the bowl in this bowl and put the works in the microwave.  Heat for no more than 3 minutes and enjoy and burn free walk to the couch!

 Made with 100% cotton Fabric, 100% Cotton Thread and Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting. 

Don’t try this with knock off materials.  All materials must be 100% cotton and the correct batting for this project is Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting.

DISCLAIMER – never leave heating object in Microwave unattended.  Never heat over 3 Minutes.  Microwave heat settings vary.  Test your own Microwave. Do Not Overheat. Read all instructions for Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting

Home Stitchery Decor accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.  Don’t burn yourself, your house or others!

What’s Included

  • One Soup Cozy 7.5x7.5 inches in a bowl shape. 

What’s Not Included

  • Soup, Soup Bowl, Microwave or dish washing service.

Product Care

  • Hand Wash, or Wash on Gentle in a Netted Laundry Bag, Hang to Dry, Iron
  • Or Dry Clean


  • 100% Cotton Material, 100% Cotton Thread
  • Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting.
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