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Black and Cream Floral Print Microwave Soup Bowl Cozy

Black and Cream Floral Print Microwave Soup Bowl Cozy

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Indulge in the comfort of a warm bowl of soup without the hassle of hot handling with our Black and Cream Floral Reversible Microwave Soup Bowl Cozy. This unique bowl cozy adds an elegant touch to your farmhouse style kitchen, with its alluring floral print and a charming combination of black and cream colors. The stunning design is reversible, allowing you to switch up your decor in seconds! Made with 100% Pellon Wrap and Zap batting, it provides the perfect insulation to keep your soup hot, and your fingers not! Produced with high-quality 100% cotton fabric and thread, it ensures maximum durability and longevity, so you can enjoy warm bowls of soup throughout the seasons! Crafted with love and precision, our bowl cozy is handmade in Canada, making it a unique piece to adorn your kitchen. Bid goodbye to microwave mishaps and say hello to safe and stylish soup servings!

What’s Included

  • One Soup Cozy 7.5x7.5 inches in a bowl shape. 

What’s Not Included

  • Soup, Soup Bowl, Microwave or dish washing service.

Product Care

  • Hand Wash, or Wash on Gentle in a Netted Laundry Bag, Hang to Dry, Iron
  • Or Dry Clean


  • 100% Cotton Material, 100% Cotton Thread
  • Pellon Wrap and Zap Batting.
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